Mycotoo | Game Of Thrones Brand Activation Inspires Office Game
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Game Of Thrones Brand Activation Inspires Office Game

At this year’s SXSW film festival fans were transported to Westeros through an epic Game Of Thrones brand activation. Since we’re all (or mostly all) die-hard fans, we’re beyond hyped about this eighth and final season. For several years, we’ve “In-Office Guidelines” for when and how each weekly episode could be discussed while at work.  Listen, we only offer a “No Spoiler Zone” the Monday after each episode. If it’s Thursday and you still haven’t seen last Sunday’s episode, you better put your Airpods in while we have this conversation. You’re grace period is over! This is no longer a safe space!!!


With the highly anticipated Season 8 looming upon us, our team decided to amp up the fun and create our own game! Who dies? When do they die? Who sits on the Iron Throne? Do the dragons make it out alive? Office arguments will be had. Friendships will be lost. And most importantly, there will be an office winner!!


Want to play along at home or with your own office family?


Check out the rules below and learn how to earn the most points!


  1. Pick five characters you think will die (NOTE: Most likely to die are worth fewer points and least likely are worth more)
  2. The more you guess correctly, the more points you get!
    • One correct = Value of Character + 1 point
    • Two correct = Value of Character + 3 points
    • Three correct = Value of Character + 5 points
    • Four correct = Value of Character + 7 points
    • All five correct = Value of Character + 10 points
  3. List which episode you think each of your five will die.
  4. Of your five, name one you think we will see turn into a wight.
  5. You can predict three plot points.
    • Who is Azor Ahai?
    • How many dragons will survive?
    • Who will win the throne at the end?
    • Will Bronn live or die?
    • Will Podrick live or die?
  7. Bran = Three eyed raven. So don’t try to get cute.  If you choose this, you are choosing the character played by Isaac Hempstead
    • ie. – It would NOT count to say the Three Eyed Raven is dead if Bran becomes his old self again


Enjoy and go forth and fight for the living!